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Product Manager Opportunity

(Resumes and inquiries to rich[at]imediarevenue[dot]com)

Challenging product management opportunity with iMedia Revenue Ltd., one of Ireland’s most promising start ups of 2010 (www.imediarevenue.com), working in the field of SaaS newsroom automation and print, online, email, and mobile advertising systems.

The Product Manager plays a pivotal role managing the company’s product requirements as well as the operations and client-facing initiatives of the sales and marketing team. The Product Manager will coordinate across all functional areas within our organization both strategically and tactically, contributing in the following areas:

  • Understanding customer requirements, use cases, and market needs
  • Developing prioritized feature lists and a product roadmap based on competitive needs
  • Wireframing and documenting how features need to work
  • Negotiating development deadlines, balancing between sales needs and engineering capabilities
  • Ensuring that user interfaces meet customer standards
  • Validating that features are complete and have passed QA
  • Presenting solutions to clients, and assisting with marketing presentations

Working in a fast-paced start-up environment, the product manager will have the opportunity to participate in the company business in a hands-on way, in a capacity appropriate to their skills and expertise.

The ideal candidate will have worked in online or print media (preferably news, although not required) and will have a good mix of business, technical, and communication skills. You will be self-motivated, and capable of focusing on key priorities whether in the office, on the road, or telecommuting.

We value cleverness, enthusiasm, and a get-it-done attitude over all other traits; the ability to think on your feet, see around corners, understand what needs to be done, and drive the team to excellence. Experience is a virtue, but not a necessity; we would welcome a proven leader but are also willing to grow a more junior candidate into a world-class operator.

The opportunity is staff or contract-to-hire. The company makes use of telepresence with its offices in the US, so some telecommuting is possible, if you can take initiative and be sufficiently effective. Candidates lacking the fast-paced start-up mentality will not succeed at iMedia. Those that do will be handsomely rewarded.

Must Have:

  • 3+ years experience in a product strategy role within an internet, mobile, or media-based business
  • Strong understanding of business planning for the end user experience
  • Understanding of web content management, business automation, and advertising solutions

Strongly Prefer:

  • Knowledge of the media industry (news reporting, online video, social media)
  • Some degree of technical skill in web development or user experience design
  • The ability to understand and model a business workflow
  • Experience with online business revenue models

(Resumes and inquiries to rich[at]imediarevenue[dot]com)