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Publish with iMedia Impress

“write once and publish to web, email, mobile, and traditional print media from a single source story”

iMedia Impress

iMedia Impress lets you write once and publish to web, email, mobile, and traditional print media from a single source story. iMedia Impress was built from the ground up as a professional newsroom system, with features that include:

  • newsroom workflow, story assignment, and editorial dashboards
  • real-time online story trending and reader activity
  • collaborative cross-media field and newsroom reporting
  • advanced tagging using controlled vocabularies and rich metadata
  • a media library for managing archival images and video
  • online features like priority-based layout templates
  • print features like issue and section management, page placement and InDesign/Quark integration


Impress is also rich with the latest newsroom technologies, including YouTube or Brightcove private branded video support, slideshows, mobile editions, archiving and search, email newsletters, geo-location, social media recommendations, reader commenting and even support for news aggregation and citizen journalism, enabling low-cost means to boost newsroom inventory.

iMedia Impress reduces operational costs through a number of labor-saving techniques, including templated online layout, print production layout planning, customized workflows and easy-to-use collaborative interfaces for distributed, virtual and freelance reporting. It also supports citizen journalists, crowdsourcing, and advertorials (advertiser paid stories).

The media library helps you find historic and stock photos, video, podcasts and even create full searchable archives of older stories for internal research or web-based distribution.

Aggregation features include the monitoring of newsfeeds, so that your reporters are aware of competitive and breaking news coverage, as well as the ability to import third-party stories into your own news flows.

Advanced tagging tools boost SEO, improve visitor loyalty and increase time-on-site and click-through traffic, while real-time reporting shows you how your web, email, and mobile stories are trending.