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Boost Revenue with iMedia Impact

“derive significant top-line profits from your print, web, email, and mobile news outlets”

iMedia Impact

iMedia Impact enables you to take advantage of new and traditional revenue streams, all managed under one dashboard.

It starts with a special Sales Force Automation system tailored to the news industry, centered around the Media Kit. This system includes powerful Customer Relationship Management features, like Follow-Ups, Account Management and Client Folders for storing and routing artwork and contracts. The Opportunity Management system enables you to track which accounts are interested in which advertising options, managing them through to closed sales and on to production.

iMedia Impress Sales Opportunities Screen

iMedia Impress Sales Opportunities Screen

The iMedia Impact control panel not only manages selling, it runs all your advertising operations: manage web, email, and mobile banners, place sponsorship ads and coupons, launch email campaigns, manage premium business listings, and much more. It also integrates with InDesign and Quark through the Planning System, used to automate the pre-press planning and ad placement for your print production.

Designed to boost your business advertising revenue, iMedia Impact will help you derive significant top-line profits from your print, web, email, and mobile news outlets.

When used with the iMedia Impress newsroom system, you can also offer information-rich advertorials and video-based infomercials. And through the iMedia professional services network you can resell your advertisers a host of social and new media opportunities, like custom mobile apps, Facebook fan pages, and YouTube private channels.

Best of all, we offer a revenue share model, so you make no up front investment—we do the work and you risk nothing.