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iMedia Revenue is dedicated to newsrooms that deliver more journalism and advertising systems that drive more revenue, guaranteed. We offer a range of services to help you become more successful—and more profitable.

We view every newspaper as a partner, and because we host our advertising platform on a revenue-share basis, we want to make sure that you are armed with the knowledge, technology, and marketing support you need to be successful.

We know that advertisers—especially local businesses—are searching for new ways to connect with their customers. The ad mix now includes web sites, mobile apps, social media, email, Facebook fan pages, YouTube private channels, and Twitter feeds. Our goal is to make our news agency clients the number one go-to source for all business advertising, including new and social media.

iMedia reunites local business advertisers with their local newspapers by leveraging both old and new advertising models—giving local businesses exposure to local news consumers, their best-qualified demographic of customers.

Our services are focused on fostering that ecosystem, helping news agencies connect with advertisers, and advertisers connect with consumers, through the newspaper’s Advertising Media Kit and also through a variety of custom solutions, from mobile apps to social media, from custom email campaigns to video infomercials.